Hillary Clinton: A clear choice for working people

Hillary Clinton

Working people deserve an economy that works for everyone—and not just those at the top

How you vote is a personal decision. It is clear Hillary Clinton will work hard for working families. Your decision will affect your job and your family.
A clear choice for working families
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton:
  • Believes in the fundamental right of working people to organize and negotiate together for better wages and working conditions.1
  • Has committed to ensuring new manufacturing, clean energy and transportation jobs are good union jobs.2
  • Opposes right to work and other corporate attacks on workers’ rights.3
  • Has listened to workers and opposes TPP.4
  • Will include workers and unions in trade discussions and fight for deals that will benefit all Americans.5
  • Has a plan to invest in American manufacturing and crack down on unfair trade practices.6
Donald Trump Photo: Flickr/Gage Skidmore
Donald Trump:
  • Refuses to recognize a union election at his hotel; and stands by his hotel management who allegedly assaulted a worker trying to organize.7
  • Thinks wages are too high and that corporations should force workers to accept lower wages by threatening to move production to lower-wage states.8
  • Will do without unions altogether; and says he 100% supports right to work, the CEO-written law that guts unions, drives down wages and takes power away from working people.9
  • Opposes TPP.10
  • Promises to put union-busting corporate CEOs in charge of trade negotiations.11
  • Outsources his own products to low-wage countries like Bangladesh;12 exploits immigrant workers in the United States.13

Big corporations and right-wing interests continue to chip away at workers’ right to organize.

This threatens our jobs, livelihoods and economic future. That’s why the 2016 presidential election is so important to working families.

Working People Stand with Hillary. Are You In?

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